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Welcome to Audaja, where we believe in the power of skincare through science and inclusivity. Our journey is inspired by the vision of our founder, Audrey Ajakaye, a 20-year-old Ivy League-educated CEO with a personal mission to transform skincare. Born from Audrey's struggle with eczema and her aspiration to create a skincare line that caters to everyone, Audaja is more than a brand—it's a revolution. 

The Inspiration Behind Audaja

From an early age, Audrey faced the challenges of sensitive skin, which led her to realize the gap in the market for truly inclusive, effective skincare. Determined to bridge this gap, Audrey leveraged her passion for skincare, her learnings through her personal journey, and her education from University of Pennsylvania to create Audaja—a brand that embodies her vision for universal skin health. Audaja's products are designed not just for those with specific skin concerns but also for individuals seeking to maintain their natural skin health and glow.

Audaja's Revolutionary Product Line

At the heart of Audaja lies our pioneering nine skincare products for men and women, including essentials like SPF50 sunscreen, Vitamin CE and Ferulic Serums, Moisturizers, Cleansers, Brightening Cream, and Glow Pads. Each product is a testament to our commitment to quality, boasting 99%+ active ingredients for visible results within weeks. Our formulations are crafted in FDA-regulated labs, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Whether you have sensitive skin, are battling age-related concerns, or simply want to maintain your youthful glow, Audaja has something for you.

Inclusivity at the Core

Inclusivity isn't just a buzzword for us—it's a principle that guides everything we do. Audaja is proud to offer solutions for all skin types, ages, and colors. We understand that beauty is diverse, and our products are designed to celebrate this diversity. By catering to the unique needs of each individual, we aim to empower everyone to feel confident in their own skin.

Bridging Professional Care and Daily Routine

What sets Audaja apart is our ability to complement professional dermatological treatments. Our products are formulated to enhance and extend the benefits of spa and dermatology clinic visits, making professional-grade skincare an accessible part of your daily routine. With Audaja, you can enjoy the luxury of high-quality skincare in the comfort of your home.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Under the leadership of Audrey Ajakaye, who is a Gen-Z at heart, Audaja is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We believe in creating skincare products that are not only effective but also kind to the planet. From our eco-friendly packaging to our ethical sourcing policies, we strive to make a positive impact on the world. Audaja represents a new era of skincare—one that values environmental responsibility as much as it does skin health.

Empowering Through Education

Education is a cornerstone of the Audaja experience. We believe that informed consumers make the best decisions for their skin health. Through our website, blog, and social media channels, we provide valuable insights into skincare, ingredients, and routines. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin.

A Personal Message from CEO Audrey Ajakaye

"As the founder of Audaja, I invite you to join us on a journey to a much-improved skin health. My personal experience with eczema has taught me the importance of understanding and caring for my skin. With Audaja, I want to share this understanding with you. Our products are designed to meet your unique needs, by taking our personalized quiz, we recommend just the perfect combination of products for your sensitive or non-sensitive skin, thereby offering a path to confidence and skin health. Together, we can redefine skincare."

The Future of Skincare with Audaja

Looking forward, Audaja is poised to continue innovating through our product line. Our commitment to research and development means that we will always strive to offer the most advanced, effective skincare solutions. We are excited about the future and the opportunity to set new standards in the industry for inclusivity, efficacy, and sustainability.

Join the Audaja Movement

We are more than just a skincare brand—we are a movement. A movement towards a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of professional-grade skincare, regardless of their skin type, age, or color. A future where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. By choosing Audaja, you're choosing to be part of this exciting journey!

Join us as we embark on this journey together. Explore our products at, embrace our philosophy, and experience the difference that is Audaja. Welcome to the new era of proven and effective skincare.